XPad: Lightweight, No Install Text Editor

XPad is a text editor with a compact interface and a good number of extra tools. The program can be run right after download with no need for an installation. The program’s menu surrounds its interface (see image).

The left hand side icons or menu are the usual New, Open File, Save, Save As, Print, Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete (the selected text), Find, Search Again, Replace and About. Of course all the usual keyboard shortcuts – Ctrl+P, Ctrl+S, etc. – apply as well.

The right hand side icons or menu is where the XPad extras can be found, they are as follows:

  • Word Wrap
  • Automatic Copy Selection To Keyboard
  • Multiple Clipboard, if activated or pressed it will hold a configurable number of clipboard items that are automatically pasted when they are highlighted or chosen from the generated list
  • Open system’s font selector
  • Text format, set any of Windows, Mac, UTF-16, Arabic Characters and many more for the text document
  • Filters for such tasks as removing spaces, converting HTML to text, converting tabs to spaces and more
  • Encode and decode Base64, UTF-8
  • Clean or remove clipboard content
  • Delete file securely
  • Open another instance of XPad
  • Open system calculator
  • Send current text as email, in my test the text was automatically copied to the email subject line with nothing in the body
  • Open (default) browser, if a URL is highlighted it will be loaded otherwise a blank browser window opens
  • Open an instance of Windows Explorer
  • Keep XPad on top, click the pin icon

    The final icon is for XPad’s configuration options. In it one can create a shortcut icon for the program, associate it with *.txt files (so all *.txt files open with XPad instead of Notepad or other system default text editor), remember last opened files and/or directory and the aforementioned multiple clipboard option. There is also a Window with a list of XPad’s hotkeys or shortcuts (see image).

    XPad is just over 1MB, it is only one single *.exe file (and one *.ini file to hold its settings) and should run on all Windows versions.

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