Universal Declaration Of Human Rights

December 10 is recognized as international Human Rights Day. It marks the date when the United Nations General Assembly adopted, in 1948, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) (Read more here).

Struggles and human rights violations still exist, even 61 years after it was voted for by countries big and small. Many of those same countries – and those which abstained or didn’t vote at all – have been involved in questionable conduct and some that clearly violate the declaration.

There are many who have suffered, who have decided to take action or who have just realized the need to do their part. Ordinary people and more known ones have spent and are spending time and even life times working for the betterment of all human life and deserve recognition. One such example – which may not be a household name – is Jack Healey and his Human Rights Action Center. Few others can be read about as the recipients of the Martin Ennals Award. Even more, as individuals, promoting the cause any way possible such asĀ One Day for Human Rights.

Here’s hoping for a free, bright and peaceful future.

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