Quick Key Launch: Run Box Style Freeware Launcher

Quick Key Launch is a launcher that can be used to launch any file quickly. To set up new commands one must drag any file, program or shortcut to its run or command box style interface. After doing so a dialog box opens where one names the command or shortcut and optionally adds any parameters or arguments. It is also possible to associate a specific program in the ‘Start in’ box, although this did not work when I tried to associate an image with an alternative, non system default image editor. Perhaps I am not understanding its purpose as it seems to require folders and not executables or programs.

Quick Key Launch

When commands are saved one access them and the program by typing Ctrl+F10 (pressing the Esc key is one way to send the program back to the system tray) and then typing the chosen command. Once the command is visible and highlighted pressing enter will launch the file or program. If there is more than one similarly named command they are numbered (see image) and can alternatively be launched by using the corresponding number. The program’s page details a few other ways to work with commands and the visibility of the program and also a way to increase the horizontal size of the command or run box (Using Ctrl+mouse wheel)

One interesting tidbit about the program is that even though the home page and files are hosted on sourceforge there is no indication of it being open source software nor could I find any source files on its sourceforge downloads or files page. Quick Key Launch is a simple 74KB (unzipped) download and should run on any Windows computer including those with Windows 7.