New Version News: Caderno and Dexpot

In this series of posts called New Version News I will highlight some of the newer versions of freeware downloads reviewed earlier on

Caderno, the notepad replacement and alternative reviewed here is at version 2.10 now. Some notable and new features include the following:

  • Code folding.
  • A better and more complete UTF (UTF-16) support.
  • The portable version that was in the works earlier. Also an U3 version, the format that is especially created for USB flash drives.

Dexpot has reached version 1.5, it was originally reviewed here, and offers a number of interesting and useful features like the following:

  • The Dexcube plug-in, for some 3D effects features.
  • The SevenDex plug-in, to make maximum use of the the taskbar on the new Windows 7.
  • Task switcher and desktop switcher, which increases access and efficiency in using applications that reside on different desktops.

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