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IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is one of those methods of communication that dates back to the early days of when the world wide web was working its way to the mainstream. mIRC and to some extent PIRCH became the more popular client (stand alone program) based ways of using IRC and entering the many channels available on the many networks around the internet. Browser based means like java applets and to a lesser extent flash embeds achieved the same through browsers but sometimes made IRC use awkward.

AdiIRC is one of the more recent entrants but is at version 1.8 now and includes a feature that most IRC clients support only through add-ons or plugins. ‘Now Playing’ display of songs being listened through the likes of WinAmp has a been a mainstay of IRC and AdiIRC has that built-in. Additionally it supports SSL connections, DCC File Transfers, Logging, Tab key cycling, and many other commands and shortcuts to ease its use and expected by those who still call the many IRC networks home. A couple of more impressive additions worth mentioning are what is called ‘Easy Message Search’ where the user can right click in the channel window and search the conversation inline. The other addition is a google search which can be had through customizing the toolbar. After all this it is important to also mention that themes and plug-ins are supported but very few ready made ones are available as of this writing.

The only possible negative that may be attributed to AdiIRC is the .NET (2.0 and above) requirement but otherwise this is a very promising IRC client and very much worth a look.


  1. AdiIRC version 1.9.2 is out- the list of changes is overwhelming- .
    The first version of AdiIRC I tested was 1.8.7 and I was not impressed. But AdiIRC has been improved a lot and in my opinion (although I am not an IRC professional) latest release (1.9.2) is a very good IRC client,in fact one of the best free IRC clients available- powerful and customizable. AdiIRC comes with some built-in themes and there are even more available for download at AdiIRC’s site.The developer- Mr Amundsen, is very responsive and helpful and is open to suggestions. What I don’t like that much is the lack of portable version, the .NET dependency and the relatively high resource usage (as a sequence of .NET).

  2. Thanks for the comment. That’s a very big list for sure. I do use IRC sometimes but rarely use any extra or advanced feature, just to chat.

  3. Sorry, I wrote something untrue- there are portable versions of AdiIRC, I overlooked them in the download section.
    IRC is an old protocol but it still can be very useful as other chat protocols become more and more unreliable in terms of privacy and security (I mean Skype, Yahoo, Google, Facebook, unfortunately just few people know what Jabber is). In many occasions IRC is the only way to get in touch with developers and site admins (once I was interviewed by a torrent tracker admins in an IRC channel and thus I obtained my membership at a private torrent site). Group chats in private channels, file transfers and even music download are among the nice things good old IRC can offer.
    Besides AdiIRC there are other good free clients:
    Nettalk – extremely easy, light, minimalistic, portable, open-source client
    HexChat (formerly known as XChat-WDK)- based on the now abandoned XChat (which is free for Linux but shareware for Windows)- a very good and reliable multi-platform client, free for all platforms
    KVIrc- a feature-rich client
    Smuxi- a new multi-platform client, not very advanced but actively developed
    IceChat- an old client, very slow development
    Unfortunately, many good clients like XiRCON have been abandoned long ago.

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