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8start is decribed by its author as

A free Application Launcher to make your desktop clean, with Tree Notes feature to keep and share your notes fast and easy. Portable, skinable, customizable, innovation…

Using it you can keep notes in trees with additional features recently added like tree shortcuts and favorites. One can customize skins and backgrounds or download a few more available on the developer’s forum. Most importantly one can make rows and rows of shortcuts to launch application, documents and sites and divide them all into categories. On a XP system tested and used for months it has never surpassed 10MB usage and can be made portable as well. The tiny graph to monitor drive space is a useful little tool too.

Take a look at screenshots and a more thorough explanation of 8start’s features. It is free for any use and can be downloaded from here


  1. You should try SuperLauncher. I have tested most Windows launchers and I even like some but the problem with all launchers is that either they make it difficult to input new shortcuts or they go ahead and index my entire PC. The indexers do not support hotkeys, and the ones that do support hotkeys make me type in URLS, or browse my PC in order to add new shortcuts.
    With SuperLauncher I drag and drop what I realize is becoming repetitive. I simply drag, drop, and either assign a hotkey or list it on the one-click popup menu. Plus I can group shortcuts which means I can open two folders for backup reasons, or I can open all the files that I need to complete a step-by-step procedure, all with one keystroke.
    I guess I really love it because of the drag & drop. It is just simple like software should be. Overall it allows me to work fast, and I mean really fast.

    I totally recommend it. You can find SuperLauncher at:


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