Freeware Shorts: Sys Information

Sys Information (Version: 7.0 as of this post) is a system information or profile builder. Run it and after a few seconds it builds and presents a profile of the computer in a tabbed interface. The tabs are as follows: Overview tab includes operating system, edition, service pack, motherboard model and processor type. Also system… Continue reading Freeware Shorts: Sys Information

Freeware Shorts: Belarc Advisor (System Information)

Belarc Advisor is a highly rated and detailed program that builds a profile of any Windows computer and presents it to the user in html format to review in a browser. The detailed system profile includes installed software and hardware, network details, missing and installed Microsoft hotfixes, anti-virus status and also security benchmarks. Belarc Advisor… Continue reading Freeware Shorts: Belarc Advisor (System Information)