European Leagues: Gap Between Top Two

One of the effects of money in football has been the gap between the rich and the poor. As in society there is some evidence that the gap keeps increasing. Several factors including how TV rights money is distributed contributes to this gap.

Somewhat unrelated to the aforementioned gap is the gap between first and second placed teams. This gap contributes to the excitement in the latter weeks of the season. Below are some numbers for the past three seasons.

In England the 2018-2019 season was historic in that the top two were very close and accumulated plenty of points. … Read more

The Canadian Premier League

The Canadian Premier League will start its inaugural season on April 27 2019. The first season will feature seven teams spanning almost the full width of the country. The founding teams span Pacific FC on west coast’s Vancouver Island to Halifax as HFX Wanderers FC on the easy coast with York 9 FC, Forge FC, Valour FC, Cavalry FC, FC Edmonton in between.

The aim is to expand over time and unlike the MLS have a relegation/promotion league system. Many cities have shown some interest and this first season will be an important test for the league in its initial … Read more