Random Networking Fact II

There are several addresses or range of addresses that are reserved or ‘special’ in IPv6 (Internet Protocol version v6)

0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0 which is the equivalent of in IPv4 0:0:0:0:0:0:0:1 which is the equivalent of the loopback address in IPv4 2000::/3 The global unicast address range FC00::/7 The unique local unicast range FC80::/10 The link local unicast range FF00::/8 the multicast range 3FFF:FFFF::/32 which is reserved for examples and documentation 2001:0DB8::32 which is reserved for the same as above 2002::/16 used for a IPv6 to v4 transition (6to4)… Read more

Green Tech: Google’s PowerMeter and Cisco’s EnergyWise

Reducing power usage and consumption is one of the best, easiest and immediate measures we can take while politicians wrangle through their greedy needs. Two large corporations that, along with IBM, have set up internal goals and business models based on selling and promoting green products are Google and Cisco. Two tools released by the aforementioned that have the power (pun intended?) to affect everyday electricity usage both at home and at work are Google’s PowerMeter and Cisco’s EnergyWise.

Google’s PowerMeter is a tool that Google has released free and made available to consumers in partnership with power utilities and … Read more