Wordz: Freeware Word Processor

Wordz (Version: 1.0) is a freeware word processor that is a lightweight and quick alternative for basic writing. Documents are saved in rtf or plain txt files and an export as pdf feature is available as well.

Wordz, Word Processor

Wordz comes with British English, American English, French, German and Spanish dictionaries and includes a live spell checker similar to Microsoft Word. The spelling options (Edit —> Spelling Options) let the user choose which dictionaries to load, disable the live spell checker or automatic corrector, ignore upper case words, ignore words containing numbers, prompt on repeated words and automatically correct dual capitals (For example HEllo is corrected to Hello). Image and object (clipart, scans, sound clips, etc.) inserts are supported. Additionally there are the usual formatting options like color, font, alignment plus insert date, line spacing, subscript, superscript, ordered list, paragraph spacing and paragraph margin.

An useful additional feature is Additional Reading where a highlighted word can be looked up on Google, Wikipedia, YouTube, Thesaurus and Dictionary. Also if a highlighted word is linked (using the Link button) it will become link to its Wikipedia page. Highlight and right click the text to add any custom, non-wikipedia, link.

Wordz comes with an installer but its folder can be copied for portable use. It should run on all Windows versions.

QT Writer Express: Light Freeware Word Processor

QT Writer Express is a word processor from the makers of SSuite Office Suite. It is a simple and lightweight program that handles documents pretty well. It is perhaps best suited for simple text files but it can do more. It stands out from most of its kind in looks at least.

QT Writer Express

Most of QT Writer Express’ options are available to the left of the writing area. Changing font, color and size. Underline, bold and italic. Text justify, indent and zoom. List style and line spacing. All occupy a relatively large portion of the screen space.

Additional features and options line up across the top of the program interface. These include print, print preview, find and replace, insert current date and insert special characters, images and emoticons.

QT Writer Express supports .pdf (both read and save), .rtf, doc, .txt and SSuite’s own presentation format .ssp. The question mark button near the top left is a very short tutorial with a list of hot keys the program supports and a list of settings saved when the program is closed and reopened later such as font size and color.

It is completely portable and the zipped download comes with MMMaster.exe, SSuite’s Mail Merge utility.

Jotx: Free Minimalist Word Processor

Jotx is a minimalist note taker or perhaps word processor that does little but could be useful in taking quick notes with something other than Notepad.

It comes with a built-in spell checker, a ‘task list’ pane and a pane to keep track of a favorite folder or two. The latter can be useful for immediate navigation to a folder for opening or saving notes. Jotx works and saves in plain text and RTF formats and via its options, among others, one can change the background color and the font used. It is also possible to set a default folder for immediate access when opening files.
Jotx is somewhat unusual in that it includes links to a religious book and blog in its menu options (both within the program and the windows start menu).