ClipTrap Watches The Clipboard

ClipTrap is a simple clipboard watcher instead of a full blown clipboard manager. It is best suited for collecting text snippets, one after another perhaps, in one location to save and use later. Clipboard watching or monitoring can be toggled on or off. If it is toggled on ClipTrap will collect all copied text and append each new clipboard item to existing ones. The collected items can be separated by any number of – configured – blank lines.


Additionally there are options to clear all the items from ClipTrap’s window and to also clear the item stored in the Windows clipboard itself. This handy little program is one of many created by ‘skwire’ on and for DonationCoder forum users. The download includes an ANSI version as well.

PhoXo: Freeware Mini Photoshop

PhoXo (Version: 7.1 tested) is a lightweight but capable photo or image editor. It packs a good set of features into its 4MB download. One of the ways the developer describes it is that is a  ‘mini Photoshop’ and that is not far from the truth.


Going through its menus it is easy to see that PhoXo is  easily adequate for most uses.

The Select menu features all, none and invert selections and options for selecting with rounded corners and expanding, shrinking a selection.

The Image menu has the brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, color tone (like sepia), black white (like grayscale), glow, self portrait (like old photo) plus options for gamma, different color palettes and auto levels. There is also size, adjust border, auto trim, flip, mirror, rotate. Finally soft edge, shadow, blur and sharpness effects are here as well.

Effects has the filters which include the usual noise, emboss, posterize, bulge, twist, wave, ripple, sunshine, glass tile, blinds, solarize, threshold, halftone, grid and the video effect, among others.

Tools menu’s interesting feature is create an ascii image and a batch watermark tool.

PhoXo also includes a clipart collection and frame library to add to images. Other tools available  – again much like Photoshop – are magic wand, shape, color picker, clone, stamp, gradient fill and others. The website has many tutorials and an additional library for use with PhoXo.

PhoXo is freeware and available in 11 languages. It runs on Windows XP and newer.