GDocsDrive: Google On Your Desktop … Giveaway!

The giveaway has now ended, thanks to those who participated and The Cloud Drive Team for providing giveaway licenses.
GDocsDrive is a program that lets you manage your google documents straight from the desktop, essentially acting as a disk drive but one that is in the cloud.
Google’s office suite, the alternative to Microsoft Office, offers a way to create documents, presentations, spreadsheets and more. To use these office programs online you can log in and start working on new documents or import or upload existing documents, however GDocsDrive gives you the chance to do more. Unlike google docs GDocsDrive lets you upload folders, instead of individual documents, to google docs.
It also supports google docs’ other features but perhaps easier through your desktop, these include sharing document(s) with others, by entering their email address(es), or making the document(s) public. It is possible to convert files to other formats and to search them from within GDocsDrive itself. Perhaps most importantly GDocsDrive is an easy way to back up files and let google store them or back them up for you.
The Cloud Drive Team, the people behind GDocsDrive, have offered several licence keys for GDocsDrive, which you can win by commenting below!

Freeware Shorts: Directory Monitor

Directory Monitor (Version: as of this post) is a program that keeps an eye on or monitors any number of directories for file additions, changes and deletions. These could be local or directories located on a network. These kinds of programs are very useful because a user can see and know what happens when for example a program is installed or uninstalled. As a more specific example many programs have a habit of creating directories in the My Documents folder and when uninstalling these sometimes cryptically named folders remain. Directory Monitor makes such scenarios more manageable.
Directory Monitor can generate alerts or tool tip balloons when changes occur and can also execute a command when a change happens. .NET Framework required.

Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder

Read the update below, Wondershare are having a giveaway on their Facebook page!

Spotlight is on DVD Slideshow Builder in the continuing series of posts highlighting software by Wondershare.

DVD Slideshow Builder’s main feature is the ability to drag and drop photos, videos and/or music to produce a movie. It also features transitions to add effects to the production and one click burning to DVD and sharing on the usual suspects such as Youtube and Facebook. For ease of use DVD Slideshow Builder comes with a wizard and a time line interface to walk the user through creating a movie.

In addition to the usual crop and rotate tools styles are also available to make the movies more professional looking.Voice overs are supported as are DVD menu creation and a choice between 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios.

DVD Slideshow Builder is not freeware but is featured in (non-financial) cooperation with Wondershare.

If you didn’t have the luck to win the free software in the blog, you still have a chance to get it in Wondershare’s Facebook from May 9th to 20th. One click away: Good luck!

Freeware Shorts: DocPad

DocPad (Version:10.0 as of this post) is a text editor and an enhanced alternative to Notepad. Beside the typical plain text editing it offers the following and more.
Adding or removing indentations. Bookmarking specific lines. Jumping to a specific line. Removing extra spaces. Converting case. Converting between formats like Base-64, UTF-7 and others. Dragging and dropping files or chunks of text. Spell checking.
DocPad has built in calculator, calendar and character map tools as well.

Freeware Shorts: NoteFly

NoteFly (Version: 2.0.0 RC1 as of this post) is a sticky note application that offers a few features to store and manage notes. Sticky notes that are viewable on the desktop can be re-sized, use different colors and also be transparent. A note can also be ‘stuck on top’ and remain visible or locked or hidden.
It is also possible to set up NoteFly to email a note and to tweet or post the note on Facebook. The latter seems to be buggy and/or not possible as of this post but that may change in a future version.
NoteFly is only around 200KB, does not use the Windows registry, is open source software and requires the .Net framework 2.0 which is already installed on Windows Vista and 7.