KuKnet FileRenamer: Freeware File Renamer

KuKnet FileRenamer (Version: 3.4) is a freeware file renamer. It is portable and does not require installation.

KuKnet FileRenamer

The first step in using KuKnet FileRenamer is to add files or folders to be renamed, click the upper add button and choose any files or folders. Move the files up and down or remove those not needed. The next step is to add renaming rules, click the lower add button and choose all those required. Multiple operations can be added, and rearranged, which will then be applied to file names in the order they appear.

The renaming rules are divided into three categories. Text, Metadata and Other. The text operations available are Replace, File extension, Truncate, Numeration, Numeration (letter), Prefix/Suffix, Regular expression, Upper/Lower case, Insert and Delete. The metadata operations include Date/Time, MP3 ID3 tag, WMA tag, Vorbis comment, Exif and File size. The Other category adds hash or UUID info to renamed files.

The text rules or operations each have their own options. For example Truncate can remove letter(s) from beginning or end of file names, Insert can add or insert text at any position in the file name, Delete can delete letters from and to any position in the file name, Numeration is similar to applying increments and Numeration (letter) can replace the file name with letters in upper or lower case.

There are also variables that can be inserted into file names and they are available from the drop down in the different Edit Rule windows. These variables are %n% which is the ‘now’ file name, this is the equivalent of keeping the file name of the file at the time a rule is being applied to it. %o% is the very original, pre any renaming rules, file name. %d% is the name of the file’s parent folder and %p% is the file path.

After done adding rules a preview is available as is an export feature to save a list of files (right click anywhere on the file list). Rules can be saved for re-use later.

It requires the .NET Framework 4, KuKnet FileRenamer runs on XP and newer.

Note Shell: Simple Notes Manager

Note Shell (version: 1.5) is an open source, multi platform notes manager or note keeper as its author describes it. It is bare bones with nodes and sub nodes holding text with only color and font size as options.

Note Shell

Create a new node or child node by clicking the add button and start typing. To make sure a child node – instead of a sibling node – is created click the check box to the right of the the add button. Click on the node name to rename it to something more descriptive. Note Shell does require using the Save button, text is not auto-saved.

The button with the question mark on it is not only the help file for the program but also where the settings are found. The settings include the aforementioned color and font size settings and the option to change the default files location. Changing the files location comes with two warnings:

when setting different path to folder, first copy folder to destination, then set the path in program, else you can destroy node structure


be careful when setting different path to folder don’t forget / at the end of line

There are a few keyboard shortcuts as well, the most notable is Ctrl+F to search inside the current node.

Every node is saved as a text file in the program’s files folder. Note Shell does not require installation and is available for both Windows and Linux.