ScreenCamera Giveaway II: Broadcast Yourself

Grab a copy of PCWinSoft’s ScreenCamera, normally $49.95. Click the link below, fill in your email and details to get the activation key.


In 2012 ScreenCamera was first reviewed here at RGdot.  ScreenCamera’s best feature was and still is the ability to stream both desktop activity and webcam to others. It is compatible with Skype and other similar programs. The program has now improved with better Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1 compatibility. It also still works with Windows 2000, XP and Vista.

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Giveaway: 1AVCapture Capture Audio Video

PCWinSoft brings you a unique time limited exciting offer to give away free licenses of 1AVCapture, the video and audio recorder and broadcaster software.

The price of 1AVCaptue is $59.95 the software allows you to capture images, record video with audio, record audio alone and it can record and broadcast any possible combination of audio video sources your PC has.


1AVCapture can record and broadcast from any audio video source combination including audio alone. 1AVCapture records audio to wav, wma and mp3, and it records video to avi and wmv.

If you can hear and/or see and hear something on your computer then you can record a high quality copy of it with 1AVCapture.

1AVCapture supports all Windows Media Encoder profiles including the newest Microsoft Express Encoder. So you can have full control over encoding properties and you an make tests quickly to the audio video compression choice.

Whatever 1AVCapture can capture it an also broadcast it so you an use it to broadcast your screen or your webcam and even include the embed code inside your web page on your web site.

1AVCapture is the ultimate audio video capture & broadcast solution. It will run on 2000/XP/2003/Media Center/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8 and requires at least a 1.3gHz processor and 256MB of memory.

To receive your free copy of 1AVCapture simply register here:

Create Videos With Easy Screencast Recorder

DonationCoder’s NANY (New Apps for the New Year) 2013 is well under way, have a look at a roundup of programs created for the 2013 edition at and consider joining the forum for access to discounts and giveaways too. Read below about one of this year’s entries, the Easy Screencast Recorder.

Easy Screencast Recorder

Easy Screencast Recorder (Version: 1.07.02) from DonationCoder is a simple yet powerful tool to record short videos. It can record the entire screen or specific regions whether they are pre-defined sizes or specific windows that it automatically discovers – and the user confirms by clicking the right Ctrl key.

The program comes with a preview window – which can be toggled on and off – to view the captured video. It also comes with a reasonable number of options and preferences that make it both easy and feature rich at the same time. The preferences include the global hotkey setting to start and stop video captures, F9 by default, and a place to see common region sizes and add one’s own if necessary.

Settings for frame rate, countdown before recording starts, maximum file size before recording is terminated are in the Capture Options. Audio Settings let the user choose the input source and recording format. In my case I was interested in capturing system sounds, a seemingly rarer feature compared to mic, CD or other input sources and ‘Audio Input Line: Stereo Mix’ does that. Video Settings comes with advice for which format to choose and the recommended ASF/WMV9 is accompanied by other choices like FLV, MKV, WebM, Mpeg and others. Most require installed codecs. There are additional options for compression mode and quality which are dependent on the file format chosen. One can also set or change the directory videos are saved in and set a file naming template. The Tweaks and Kludges tab of the options includes additional ‘power user’ options (see image below) and the Operations Log can be set to include debug info in case of problems.

Easy Screencast Recorder

After a video is done Easy Screencast Recorder can copy its path to the clipboard, open it in the default video player or perhaps use one of the other tools that one can add in its list of external tools.

Easy Screencast Recorder integrates automatically into Screenshot Captor. Question about it can be asked at

Aimersoft Video Studio Express Review And Halloween Giveaway

Video Studio Express is one of the many easy to use software from Aimersoft. I received the news that the developers are having a Halloween giveaway of the program – which normally costs $35 – along with discounts on some of their other programs. A brief review of the Video Studio Express follows.

Aimersoft Video Studio Express

As always working with such tools begins with importing the media, using the Add Media button. Video Studio Express supports most input formats including those from iDevices and others like AVI, MOV, MP4, MPG, MKV, FLV, WMV and audio formats like MP3, OGG, WMA, FLAC and others.

When importing one or more videos drag them to the time line and you will notice they can occupy any place in the time line so a video can start from any moment in time with its (if any) audio linked to it. If there is no audio the background music section, lower most on the time line, can be edited to add your own.

When more videos are added transitions can be added by using the Transitions button. Many are available to make the completed video look more professional. These include blind, merge, column split, drop, roll, wave, wind and others. A preview is shown when any one of the transitions is clicked. Optionally gaps between video can be removed using the Remove All Gaps button which is the right most one above the timeline. There is a split option as well. It is done by dragging the ‘indicator’ anchor to a point on the time line and clicking the Split button.

Click and highlight either the video or audio and click the pencil like edit button. Audio can be lowered and faded in or out. The video can be rotated, resized and its aspect ratio changed. Its brightness, saturation and contrast can edited. Additional available effects are emboss, gray, negative, old film and various deinterlacing methods.

When done click the Export button on the top right and choose device, format or Youtube. Videos can be saved for iPhones, iPads, PS3 and others or in one of many formats like mov, wmv, mp4 and even DVD PAL, SECAM and NTSC. It is also possible to upload videos directly to Youtube by providing login, title, description, tag and category details. Videos can be saved locally as a project as well.

Video Studio Express should work on Windows XP and newer. A Mac version is available too.

Video Rotator: Freeware That Does What It Says!

Video Rotator is a simple and easy program that does what it says but also does another, as if almost by accident! The other function, other than the rotate in its name is that it converts videos.

Video Rotator

Video Rotator’s main aim and feature is that it rotates vidoes. This is perhaps mostly or only useful when working with mobile devices and the (sometimes) habit of holding mobile devices in a wrong orientation.

Video Rotator supports 15 videos formats as input and can convert them into any one of mp4, mpg, avi, mov or flv. Open or drag one or more vidoes into the interface and choose the output format, rotation – 90 degree clockwise, 90 degree anticlockwise, horizontal mirror, flip upside down or none – and optionally change the default output folder and click on the Rotate Videos Now Button. Video Rotator goes to work and opens the output folder and also provides a sound reminder when the task is done.

The program’s sole setting is turning off the aforementioned sound reminder.

Simple, easy and clean Video Rotator requires Windows XP and newer.

Umile Encoder: Freeware Multimedia Converter

Umile Encoder (Version: is a freeware multimedia converter. It can convert to (and from) 3gp, avi, mp4 and perhaps more rarely swf. Additionally it supports a multitude of formats specifically for mobile devices. These include the kindle, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple TV and similarly various specific Blackberry phones and the Zune too. The supported formats don’t stop there as there is support for sundry of Motorola, HTC, Samsung, Google and many other Android phones. Conversion specific to YouTube, YouTube HD and facebook  – picking the best possible dimensions – is available too.

Umile Encoder

Umile Encoder works in three steps and optionally offers a live preview too. First step is to add file(s), the second is to choose what it calls a profile. In this second step click the Settings button and choose the format to convert to and if needed change other settings too. Finally click Start to convert and open the file in the output folder.

The settings include the aforementioned format choices and the relevant audio and video settings that go with them. The Advanced tab in the settings is where to enable the GPU accelerator (if available) and tweak encoding and the play speed. The screen tab has various options for crop and zoom, aspect ratio, rotation and color. Subtitle offers to customize any available subtitles. Font, size and overlay for example. Use the General to configure the default output folder, enable renaming for the output file(s) and if needed manage Umile Encoder’s CPU usage.

Umile Encoder is surprising complete and easy to use, it works on Windows XP and newer. Do note that it asks to install extras as its own installer is running.

ScreenCamera Giveaway: Broadcast Video Straight From The Desktop

Grab a copy of PCWinSoft’s ScreenCamera, normally $49.95. Click the link below, fill in your email and details to get the activation key.

ScreenCamera is a program that records the desktop screen and makes it possible to share it live with others. Run the install, accept or deny the extras and the program’s small interface is presented on the screen with all its recording options.

A user can record a section of the desktop, the whole desktop, the area around (and one that follows) the mouse cursor or an ‘exclusive window’. The exclusive window is where the program will continue capturing the chosen a Window even after it is not the active or the topmost one. ScreenCamera can also take snapshot images and it can also work as a normal screen recorder. To record a video to save locally – wmv by default – use the record, pause and stop buttons at the bottom of its interface. The video will be saved in the Videos (My Videos) subfolder of the system’s Documents folder.


ScreenCamera is compatible with and works with programs such as Skype, MSN Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger and others. Arguably the major benefit or feature of the program is that it can be used to show a live feed of desktop activity on any of the aforementioned instant messaging or other webcam broadcasting sites like UStream for example. For example in MSN Messenger’s (see image below) Tools —>Audio and video setup ScreenCamera will be available as a video or webcam option and with it one can broadcast the desktop, desktop and webcam or just the webcam to friends or contacts. The first will of course show your desktop to the person you are chatting with, in this case a webcam is not even required. The second a like picture in picture mode. The last just the webcam itself.


The program settings are divided into 5 sections. The Screen section or tab includes options and settings for video Frames Per Seconds and whether or not to include the mouse pointer in captures. The Webcam tab detects any available and connected webcam and lets the user connect to it. Video Output includes the setting for the dimensions of the output video, the default being 640×480, but many bigger and smaller options are available. Snap and Record is the place to choose the snapshot and ‘local’ video recording options. For the former bmp is the default format and the only other is jpg. The latter has wmv as default and only avi as the other option. There are configurable hotkeys for snapshot, record, pause and stop actions and the option to choose different locations for the output. Finally Startup of Windows lets the user choose to start ScreenCamera with Windows of course but also the option to start ScreenCamera ‘invisible’ or minimized.

ScreenCamera works on Windows 2000 and newer.

Giveaway link:

Aimersoft DVD Creator Review And Giveaway

Comment below to win a copy of Aimersoft DVD Creator for Windows worth $39.95!

Aimersoft is an easy to use tool that makes the DVD burning process a simple one. The user can burn DVDs from downloaded or home movies or simply from photos – to create slideshows – or even a combination of photos and videos.

Aimersoft DVD Creator

The first step, the Source tab, is to import the media. Here as many videos or images that are needed can be imported. Aimersoft DVD Creator supports the AVI, MOV, MP4, M4V, FLV, VOB, WMV, MPEG, DV, 3GP, 3GP2, DAT, ASF, MOD, TOD and H.264/AVC formats. Use the Add Title button to burn separate movies onto a single DVD. Once the media is visible, hover over its title (in the menu structure section of the interface) and use the pencil button to trim it, enable subtitles for it, add watermarks to it, change its brightness, reduce its volume and more. All the while a preview of changes will be visible.

The Menu tab features templates to use for creating the DVD menu, besides the few available by default other templates can be downloaded from the Aimersoft site using the Templates button on the upper right hand corner. This tab also includes options such as choosing either the 16:9 or 4:3 aspect ratios, moving and editing text and other objects, adding text, adding background music, touching up photos and customizing the background itself. The background customization button opens a dialogue window that allows the user to choose a frame of any video or any image to display as the menu background.

The Preview tab shows the final output before the actual DVD burning process is started. The available options are NTSC or PAL and disc playback mode. The latter allows the user to choose how the DVD starts by default. The final product does have a good professional look to it, especially since the menu is not static and, similar to many feature film DVDs, shows a few seconds of the movie itself.

Aimersoft DVD Creator works on Windows versions going back to NT4, a Mac version is also available.

iSkysoft FLV Converter : Free Video Conversion


Update: iSkysoft has kindly offered 5 licenses of iTube Studio for Mac, each valued at $29. Leave a comment below for your chance to win a copy!

iSkysoft FLV Converter is an easy to use and now free video converter which works to convert from and to many common video formats such as AVI, MOV, MPEG, WMV and others and not only FLV videos as its name may suggest. The FLV format is of course the flash video format made by Adobe and seen on video sites like YouTube.

iSkysoft FLV Converter can work with one or several videos at a time, either by clicking the add video button or by adding a video or folder of videos using the File menu. After a video loads clicking the Edit button (or using the Edit menu) one can start working on a video.

The edit feature includes crop. Here a video can be resized to predefined and other flexible sizes and the sizes can be offset from any starting x and y coordinates. Effects such as old film, emboss and negative can be used along with adjustments to contrast, brightness and saturation. Watermark can also be added whether it be an image or text with control over the watermark’s position on the video. iSkysoft FLV Converter also includes support for subtitles. Additionally it is possible to rotate and flip a video vertically or horizontally.

The clip button lets the user shorten a video by defining a new starting and/or ending point either using a slider or manually entering start or end times.

iSkysoft FLV Converter makes it easy to work on videos by always showing an instant preview of all changes made when in its edit or clip modes. It is also worth mentioning that the program’s main interface includes a Snapshot button (to take JPG or BMP still shots)

After finishing all modifications but before clicking the Start button to convert video(s) use the profile drop down menu to choose the output format and then change its various settings using the Settings button to the right of the menu and if desired change the output folder as well.

iSkysoft FLV Converter runs on Windows NT and newer versions and requires at least a 1GHz CPU processor.

iSkysoft’s many other video tools include the iTube Studio for Mac which supports (HD) video downloads and conversions for devices such the iPhone, iPod and iPad.