Wondershare’s AnyBizSoft PDF Converter For Mac

Wondershare, the people that brought you the recent iMate giveaway have another product called AnyBizSoft PDF Converter For Mac. This program – which also has a PC equivalent – is a great tool to convert PDF documents to many other formats. The 6 supported formats are Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, EPUB eBooks, Text files and HTML pages. It is easier to edit the documents after conversions to the aforementioned formats and therefore make this program most useful. 

AnyBizSoft PDF Converter For Mac retains the layout of the original PDF document and can in most cases even convert an encrypted, password protected PDF file. Perhaps most impressively it is possible to batch convert up to 50 PDF documents and also choose to convert specific range of pages from the PDF file.

Adobe reader or Adobe for Mac is not required to run AnyBizSoft PDF Converter For Mac. Check back here to get your hand on a copy of the software courtesy of Wondershare.

5DFly Free Photo Editing And Viewer

5Dfly Free Photo Editing And Viewer

5DFly is a freeware image viewer with a set of basic and few extra and useful features. It loads single images (after double clicking them) into a tabbed interface making working with several images easier. It supports creation of slideshows in powerpoint (*.ppt and *.pps) formats. 5DFly also has built-in support for uploading pictures to Flickr and Facebook.

5DFly can convert an HTML page to an image. Here the user enters an URL which the program fetches to an internal viewer and generates an image from. This, in effect, is an alternative method for grabbing web page screenshots, one which grabs whole pages all the way to the bottom without the need to scroll down for longer pages.

The more readily available elsewhere features of 5DFly are batch processing for resizing photos and others like converting to gray scale, cropping freely or to predefined sizes, rotating, removing red eye and others.

Of further note are the history features available in the individual image view which lets the user undo any operations done on the image and also a web page history to keep tab on sites visited (for the *.html to *.jpg operation for example) using the program. Copying images to the clipboard and setting them as wallpaper are also possible with 5DFly.

Upon installation 5DFly associates itself with *.jpg and other image formats without prompting the user for input and it sports a Mac-like theme or skin. These two shortcomings will not be held against it today however!

5DFly runs on Windows 2000 and newer versions.