AnyClient: Multi-protocol File Transfer Freeware

AnyClient (Version: tested) is a java based FTP client that also features some other not often supported protocols. These are FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, Amazon S3 and AFTP by JSCAPE, AnyClient’s own developers.


AnyClient features a standard two pane interface with an area to show or log transfers and a debug section. First thing to do, of course, is to set up login details by using the Site Manager (File —>Site Manager). The Site Manager features options to preserve time stamps when downloading and uploading, though this is often the case anyway. Here AnyClient also features settings and support for proxy servers and PGP decryption.

Back in the main interface of the program there is one interesting feature that can prove useful. The right most icon under the local system pane is called ‘Zip upload’. Here AnyClient supports choosing several files from the local machine side (via Ctrl+Click) and creating a zip file within the program and uploading them compressed.

AnyClient requires the Java Runtime Environment 1.5 or newer and it should run on all Windows versions.

Have a look at the comments section of the recently reviewed dropf for some other possible file transfer options suggested by regular visitor Asen.