Freeware Shorts: NoteFly

NoteFly (Version: 2.0.0 RC1 as of this post) is a sticky note application that offers a few features to store and manage notes. Sticky notes that are viewable on the desktop can be re-sized, use different colors and also be transparent. A note can also be ‘stuck on top’ and remain visible or locked or hidden.
It is also possible to set up NoteFly to email a note and to tweet or post the note on Facebook. The latter seems to be buggy and/or not possible as of this post but that may change in a future version.
NoteFly is only around 200KB, does not use the Windows registry, is open source software and requires the .Net framework 2.0 which is already installed on Windows Vista and 7.

ClipMan: Open Source Clipboard Utility

ClipMan is one of many utilities or programs that enhance the standard Windows clipboard (Ctrl+C). Often the main purpose of these kinds of utilities or programs is to keep more than one clipboard item on file and ready for future use.

ClipMan or Clipboard Manager does not require installation and is accessed via the system tray. Its options are as follows:

  • Choosing a plug-in directory (None exist that I know of and the program may not be in active development so plug-ins may not happen at all)
  • Keeping its interface on top and choosing its level of transparency
  • Hotkeys to show and hide the interface (Ctrl+S by default), move between saved clipboard entries and choosing to send an entry to the active or current clipboard

ClipMan’s major drawback is that it doesn’t always show the contents of the clipboard but only a description of it (see image).

The program does seem to have bugs, for example pressing Enter on an entry can result in losing that item – instead of, as is supposed to happen, sending the item to the ‘current’ clipboard ready for use and pasting. Since it is not actively developed it may not really be recommendable for every day use but the available source code can perhaps be used for those interested in working with ClipMan.

Notepad X: Open Source Notepad Alternative

Notepad X is described by its author as

Notepad X is an open source text editor, with a lot of customization options created to help users managing text documents, featuring tab navigation

Notepad X stands at 1.8MB including its plug-ins and icons. It is a simple no frills tabbed Notepad alternative with the usual shortcuts including the likes of Ctrl+D1, D2, D3, and so on to go to the first, second, third and subsequent open tabs. It offers the standard features but also syntax highlighting for such languages as Boo for example. It also comes with a set of included plug-ins which include a File Explorer sidebar, a Google translate sidebar and a Snippet sidebar. It is possible to write one’s own plug-in by going through the C# tutorial. Notepad X also includes a BBcode toolbar that works on highlighted text (see image above)

Notepad X is available in a zip format or alternatively one can download the program’s installer. It is also translated to a good number of languages. A final important note: Using the zip format it was not possible to activate the aforementioned plug-ins (on a XP machine).

MyPaint: Open Source Software For Painting

MyPaint is described by its author as

MyPaint is a fast and easy open-source graphics application for digital painters

The aim of MyPaint is to keep distractions to a minimum. It has an unlimited canvas size, so a drawing can be as big as needed. The most important feature of MyPaint however is the number of brushes it provides, the list is big and therefore the possibilities extensive.

Basic and usual drawings or paintings start by choosing a color – from the color ring for example – and then choosing a brush. Note that many brushes are available by default and can be seen via the different headings on the Brush Selection window. If the selection window is not visible one can bring up the window using the Brush menu and choosing Brush List. Brush sizes can be increased and decreased by repeatedly clicking the D or F keys respectively. The canvas can be set to different forms and backgrounds using the Layers—>Background menu. Layers can also be created and moved above and below each other using Ctrl+PageUp or Ctrl+PageDown or by using the Layers menu. MyPaint can save and load images in PNG, JPG and ORA formats. It is also possible to create one’s own brushes by following this tutorial.
MyPaint is a useful open source software available for Windows and Linux and is at version 0.8.2 as of this post. Painting or drawing skills not included!