Taskade: Lists And Notes

Taskade is an online “lists made easy” tool.

The interface is a simple themed one, after signing up one can start creating lists right away. The background is set to show random images – the theme option is at the bottom left of the window – but can be changed to a solid colour or one of available images, there is no option to choose one’s own. The interface features folders or collections listed on the left hand side and shown and expanded on the right. One can create checklists, free form notes and outlines. It is of course primarily meant as a place to drop in to do lists and ideas.

Lists can be starred and adding the # sign in front of any text creates a hashtag, there doesn’t seem to be a search function and finding other notes or lists with the same hashtag requires clicking on one. The keyboard shortcuts illustrate some of the other features of Taskade such as indenting text, highlighting text and changing them to mark as complete (strikeout), bold, underline or italic. A to do list will show a progress bar tracking the completion of items in it. Selecting or clicking on any text brings up a formatting menu as well with options like changing the text to a heading type.

On sharing and collaboration, it is possible to send any list or note via email, embedding it on a page or sharing its link. It is also possible to invite others to view the note and work on it as a team.

Taskade can be downloaded for Windows and Mac computers or alternatively be used as a Chrome or Firefox extension or addon.

It is currently free with a premium version with support for file attachment and others features to come soon. There will be Taskade iOS and Android apps in the near future.

SaMotion: Minimalist To Do List


SaMotion (version: 1.11 Build 325) is a minimalist and portable task manager or more simply a to do list. Just download and extract the exe, then double click it.

The program offers a dark or light theme and nothing else except categories and tasks indented. Hovering shows the + icon to add either a category or task, only one level deep. Clicking on an existing category or task makes its title or text editable. The other program settings are docking to the left or right and staying on top. The .sm file extension can be associated with the program as this is the format the lists are saved in. A task can be color coded to any one of green, orange or red colors by clicking immediately to the left of an item.

Lists or projects as they are called are encrypted (Blowfish 448Bit) and the list can be exported to a password protected PDF.

The program could use enhancements that still keep it minimalist. Two such features or improvements could be support for dates and better handling of longer text. In the screenshot above the longer item just disappears without any indication.

SaMotion runs on Windows 7 and newer.

DDownloads For Safe Downloads

Note: DDownloads is currently at version 0.9.3 and it is always a good idea to check for updates as it seems to be in a rapid update cycle.

DDownloads (Version: 0.6.0) is a download helper. It can be used to download software directly without having to search for programs’ download links online. In theory DDownloads makes downloading safer as it makes it less likely to grab a program or update from an infected source.


DDownloads is divided into different sections, the Home tab has links to Must-Have Apps (in this version, 322 programs in 41 categories), Portable Apps (112 in 27), Slim and Toolbar free Apps (4 in 2), Windows Starter Kit (16 must have tools including the likes of Adobe Acrobat Reader, Windows Essential Codec pack, .Net Framework 4.5, Firefox, 7-Zip and others), Recommended Apps (Firefox, Opera, Jdownloader, Revo Uninstaller Free, CCleaner, Recuva, Truecrypt and others)

The other sections are Get Safe Download Link on the quick to search for programs that DDownloads has in its lists. Send App Suggestions, Make Snapshot of Installed Apps and finally the Get Direct Help which includes links to blog, software review, hardware, malware, programming, tutorial, download portal, online virus scanner and other sites.

Right clicking any program name provides extra options like ones to add the program to its download manager queue, check whether it is installed, check if a portable version is available, search for an alternate download link, show screenshot of app and more (see image below.)

The program can be updated via its options or the buttons to the right and left of the Home section. The program options also include a section to ‘Block direct download if the following string(s) is found in download URL’. Admittedly I am not sure why this list includes the likes of softpedia, palemoon, piriform, details.aspx, % and other strings especially since the program does feature download and ‘alternate download link’ in its lists which do include the likes of softpedia.

All in all a useful tool. DDownloads has potential for a solid and growing reference, if nothing else.

Snap DB: Keep Your Info In This Simple Database

Snap DB is one of the 2011 entries in Donationcoder’s N.A.N.Y. (New Apps For The New Year) challenge. It is a simple database program that holds and organizes lists and information in a text like or flat structure. It is minimalist by design.

The uses for Snap DB are pretty much infinite. Keep a list of albums, software or books or anything else all with many a column to hold information about them. Open the program right click on the columns to rename them and to add additional columns as necessary. Then double click on a row and start entering the information. Import a Comma Separated Values (CSV) or tab delimited file to use with Snap DB or export the data to a CSV file. Activate the Filter mode (View—>Filter Mode) to search the data and get results as you type.

Snap DB has a few built in shortcuts to make entering information easier. For example use F2 to edit a record or F5 to duplicate a record. The usual Ctrl-C Windows copy key combination will copy whole row(s) of data in SnapDB ready to be pasted anywhere with each column separated by a tab. Conversely copying some tab delimited text and using Ctrl-V in SnapDB pastes them into columns. Also notice that when adding or inserting data there is Run button, that button will execute if the corresponding field has a URL, mailto or path to a file or folder in it.

Snap DB is freeware, portable, no install and is less than 700KB unzipped. Watch the screencast on the program’s site to see it in action and follow the thread and suggest other features in its DonactionCoder forums thread (linked above).

Freeware Classics From Snapfiles

SnapFiles.com, formerly known – and still accessible via – WebAttack.com has a page it calls ‘Freeware Classics’. It contains a collection of freeware ‘that have remained free’. The list is worth checking out, some of the best freeware like Wireshark, UK’s Kalender and XnView are on the list along with many others. Take a look at the full list at http://www.snapfiles.com/features/ed_classic_freeware.html