ImBatch Version 2.0 Released


ImBatch is one of the better rated freeware image editors. As its name and tagline imply it makes it easy to work on a number of images. This latest version 2.0 adds to its power with a folder monitor, what it calls¬†ImageMonitor, and a ContextMenuEditor. These new features can be accessed from the Tools menu. The first makes it easier to automatically work on images added to any chosen folder and the second makes it easy to apply ‘tasks’ or edit images via a right click.

Both of the new features work by reading a .bsv file. The .bsv file is created by adding tasks in the program’s main interface and saving them using the big save button. Then in the ¬†ImageMonitor and/or ContextMenuEditor loading and setting the saved .bsv file.


ImBatch has some of the more common and useful filters and edits for images. These include rotate, resize, shadow, crop, flip, round corners, remove exif, shift time, gaussian blur, 3D effect, watermark, color balance, rename and more.

It supports 100+ image format, some read only, and it has a few command line parameters too. It runs on Windows 2000 and newer.


XnConvert: Freeware Image Manipulation

XnConvert (Version: 1.51), from the maker of the excellent image editor and viewer XnView, is a freeware multi-platform batch image converter for Windows, Mac and Linux.


Input or load file(s)/folder(s) and then if necessary filter the images to only work on a set of them.

Next is the Actions tab, choose modifications or conversions required and see a preview on the right hand side. The actions available via the Add Actions button are extensive and are Add mask, Automatic crop, Canvas resize, Change color depth, Clean metadata, Crop, Extract channel, ICC convert, IPTC/XMP, Mirror, Replace color, Resize, Rotate, Set DPI, Text, Vignetting, Watermark, Adjust, Align histogram, Automatic contrast, Automatic levels, Color balance, Conbright, Equalize, Exposure, Gammasat, HLS, Levels, Logarithmic lut, Negative, Normalize, Normalize ex, Posterize, Saturation, Sepia, Shadow highlight, Solarize, Swap component, Temperature. Available filters are Average, Blur, Edge detect, Emboss, Emboss more, Enhance detail, Enhance edges, Enhance focus, Focus restoration, Gaussian blur, Maximum, Median box, Median cross, Minimum, Reduce noise, Sharpen and Soften. Others included are Add noise, Bloom, Border, Border 3-D, Crystallize, De-interlace, Fantasy, Halftone, Lens, Mosaic, Oil painting, Oil painting 2, Old camera, Photo spread, Pointillize, Retro, Shear, Slice, Spread, Swirl, Symmetry, Tile and Waves.


The output section has settings for choosing the output folder, format and an extensive number of options for renaming the image files. Everything from date to folder to increments and metadata can be selected and configured. XnConvert can delete the originals, keep any folder structures and keep multi-page files as multi-page and open windows explorer after conversion is complete.


XnConvert is complete and very easy to use, much like XnView itself actions can be saved as a script for future re-use. Both 32-bit and 64-bit editions are available as are installer and portable versions.

PDF To JPG: Convert Your PDF Files (Free Until July 1!)

PDF To JPG is simple shareware. It does a task that is sometimes done to avoid using pdf readers and it does it well. The program interface and startup are as simple as the function it performs. When launched the program gives the user the option to choose the conversion type. The options, which are also available within the main window are pdf to jpg, pdf to tif (almost always referred to as tiff), pdf to bmp, pdf to png and pdf to gif.


Once open file(s) or folder of files can be added. The program will list the pdf files that are to be converted and presents the option to narrow down or choose pages to be converted. If needed one can change the dots per inch or resolution for the images.

PDF To JPG runs on Windows 2000 and newer and its regular current price is $29.95 but it’s free from the publisher’s site until July 1st.

Docany PDF To Text Converter Review And Giveaway

Comment below for your chance to win a Docany PDF to Text Converter license, a $20 value!

Docany PDF to Text Converter is a simple application that does one job well. It takes one or many PDF files and converts them to simple text file(s). It can work in batch mode when adding a folder or working with more than one PDF file. For each PDF file chosen it is also possible to specify a page or range of pages (separated by a hyphen like 2-7) to convert to text.


In three steps the conversion(s) is complete. The first is to add or import PDF files. The second to choose specific or all pages and to keep or remove the page break marker. Third and lastly to choose the destination folder and run the conversion.

Docany PDF to Text Converter should run on Windows 2000 and newer versions, including 64bit versions.

TextCrawler Finds and Replaces Text

TextCrawler is described by its author as

…TextCrawler enables you to instantly find and replace words and phrases across multiple files and folders..

TextCrawler is simple yet powerful. The first step in using it is choosing a filter for file extensions that are being searched, either from the choices presented or by typing one’s own. The second step is browse to the folder where the files are located. Note that the program’s options has a setting to scan or search subfolders as well. The next step is to type the text to find and the text to replace. TextCrawler supports regular expressions and the star icon beside the Find text area provides some examples for finding such things as dates or IP addresses. The program’s own help files explains regular expressions a bit further. An interesting feature is the ability to find the text being searched for first and then do the replacing after by clicking a separate button, this allows the user to preview all the instances of the found text before moving on. Also the Extract feature allows the user to copy all instances of the found text, this is useful for collecting information based on the search results.
The program also includes a Batch Commands tool to work with find and replace text pairs. Additionally the regular expression tester, which like the Batch Commands tool is located under the Tools menu, reduces the chances of making a mistake. TextCrawler runs under Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP and Vista.

FreeFileSync Manages Your Folders And Files

FreeFileSync is described by its author as

…is an Open-Source folder comparison and synchronization tool. It is optimized for highest performance and usability without restricted or overloaded UI interfaces

FreeFileSync has a simple yet attractive, with well made icons, interface that synchronizes folders and compares files and folders. The options to compare are based on file size and date and also the file contents. The help button to the right of the big rectangular compare button attempts to explain how the comparison is calculated in both the aforementioned possibilities or features.
The synchronization feature is more detailed and includes the possibility to copy files between folders so that they are identical or to copy files and overwriting any that already exist in the other folder or to even delete files that already exist in the other folder.

FreeFileSync is also capable of saving configurations to be loaded to make future uses even more automated. Batch files can also be saved to ease work for every use with identical folders. Files can also be filtered so that certain file types are not included in the syncing procedures. FreeFileSync is available both for Windows and Linux machines.