Freeware News: RJ TextEd And More

  • RJ TextEd, one of the better text and source editors will soon release version 10 which features major new changes. It will be fully unicode, support locally encrypted ftp passwords, will have dockable panels, will include new ways to handle themes and more.
  • XnView, one of the best freeware image viewer and editors is out with version 2.25 and as is usual fixes and improvements come fast and often.
  • Earlier, Martin over at gHacks took an early look at the new Firefox Developer Edition. This new version of Firefox is mainly for developers and can work along side a normal Firefox install. It includes some extra development tools and includes WebIDE, the replacement for Mozilla’s App Manager. WebIDE can be used to create HTML5 apps for the Firefox OS.
  • Blood Report Manager is a free tool that keeps a record of various blood test results like Glucose, Cholesterol, Triglycerides and others. Add data and view a graphical history of various test results.

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