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Link Manager: Freeware Bookmark And URL Manager

Link Manager (Version: 2012.9) is a no-install light weight freeware. It can be used to collect, search and manage URLs or links. It features almost everything one can do with links.

Link Manager

The first screen or section is the Link Manager. Here links can be added manually by filling the Link Name and Link URL fields. Links can also be auto-completed from a link name. Type any site name into the Link Name and click the Get From Link Name button, Link Manager will  try to complete the Link URL field, it is also possible to auto-complete the name with .com, .net, .org or by clicking the small 1 to 4 buttons respectively. URLs can also be categorized by using the buttons above the URL list, by right clicking on them or alternatively have a category name highlighted when adding a URL. Links can also be added to Internet Explorer favorites or exported to json and html formats for Firefox and Google Chrome. URL lists can be edited with notepad or saved as an html file, additionally one can generate ‘scripts’, this includes bbcode for forums and bullet lists. Finally, URLs can be opened with the system’s default browser or others can be added to over ride the default. Other features, using the buttons above the link list, include shortcuts to Google Search, Google Translate and the PDFmyURL service.

Link Searcher will search for links saved in Link Manager. Link Extractor browses html files and extracts links from them, it includes options to filter text and ignore links in img (image) tags. Links extracted can be saved to a text file or be moved to a new category named after the current date. Link Synchronizer can compare, mirror, synchronize or just show two separate Link Manager databases.

Link Manager

The Tools section encodes or decodes URLs. This is where, among others, dot is replaced by %2E, @ by %40 and colon is replaced by %3A. The encoding is useful for hiding email addresses from spammers or using the URL in a query string for databases. Access to URL shortening services are here as well with,,,,,,, NinjURL, ShortURL, Snipr, or TinyURL being the available services.

Link Manager packs a lot of features into a ~600KB download. It should run on all Windows versions.

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