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Dexpot is a virtual desktop manager and is described by its author as

Dexpot 1.4 turns your monitor into up to 20. It creates and manages virtual desktops and enables you to work far more efficiently and comfortably with many simultaneously opened windows on Windows 95/98/ME and NT4/2000/XP/2003/Vista (incl. x64).

What it means is that by using Dexpot you can increase the number of Desktops you have and reduce clutter.


The Dexpot Settings window allows you to configure the number of desktops, set  the initial window and also how the program starts and exits.

The second image below is the Dexpot Windows one and allows you to distribute icons on the desktops  and perhaps is the most important in so far as playing around goes, here you can copy or cut icons to various desktops for example.

The program is very customizable and among it features is one additional and powerful setting called Desktop Rules, using it you can set rules or triggers so that applications are opened in certain desktops automatically.

All settings are accessible by right clicking the program’s taskbar icon.


Lots to discover and play around with but one note of caution. The program requires the user to right click on the desktop and uncheck  Align To Grid, this will mess up your icon layout if you exit and/or stop using Dexpot. I recommend you download a layout restorer such as Icon Restore and save your desktop layout before using Dexpot.

Dexpot is available at and is free for private use. A good deal of tutorials and more is available on the publisher’s site.

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