TomiNote Is A Simple Notes Organizer

TomiNote is a simple notes organizer or collector as its developer describes it. It is very lightweight, portable and multiplatform as well. It was mentioned by smaragdus in a comment here on RGdot.

The program allows the user to create notes in sortable nodes and sub-nodes. Unicode UCS-2 is the supported character set which means emojis and more than 2 byte characters are not supported.

Nodes can be moved up and down in the directory tree and can be moved right or left to become a nodes instead of sub-nodes and vice versa. Database (SQLite3) wide, selected branch/node or node … Read more

OneNote Comparisons

OneNote is and feels different than virtually all note takers

Broadly speaking note taking includes creating shopping lists, keeping journals, taking class notes, organizing text and anything else a user wishes and can imagine.

The web features many software review articles. There are also many sites specifically for comparing software with each other and one of the bigger categories is those that review and compare note taking software.

OneNote, being part of Microsoft’s Office suite of course, is widely used and is therefore mentioned often when note taking is reviewed. However OneNote has one unique characteristics that sets it apart … Read more

Microsoft Edge Bloat

For years Microsoft’s Internet Explorer was one of the biggest running tech jokes. Slow, insecure and all kinds of problematic stories were synonymous with the browser. Then Microsoft scored a hit with a switch a new browser that later came to use the Chromium based Blink engine.

Many users found it faster and better and somewhat shockingly less resource heavy. That advantage is being eroded by various so called features and extensions.

Among these features were shopping integrations that allowed users to find coupons and discounts and in some jurisdiction even offering buy now pay later features in the default … Read more

Secure Folders With Password Folder

Password Folder (version: is a simple and small freeware Windows program that encrypts and secures folders.

Install Password Folder, optionally using the portable version. Click on the big folder icon and choose a folder to encrypt, alternatively drag a folder into the program window. As its name suggests individual files are not supported. Then choose and confirm a password in the ensuing popup, the big folder icon turns red while it is working and then the folder is replaced by its encrypted version with a pff extension. Double clicking the resulting pff file decrypts the folder and restores readable, normal … Read more

Kanbie: Kanban Board For Chrome

Kanbie is an extension for Chrome based browsers that is somewhat minimal. A pop up accessed via the extension toolbar provides the three most typical columns in Kanban boards. However the To-do, Doing and Done headers can be renamed via a double click.

The kanban method for staying organized works for some better than others, some might prefer a text or markdown based approach to note keeping, others with a calendar to stay organized with tasks. All methods require a bit of discipline to use regularly and take the most advantage of.

Alt+K opens the Kanbie pop up, however this … Read more

Chasys Draw IES Is A Quirky Image Editor, Viewer

Chasys Draw IES (version 5.12.01) is an image editor (referred to as Artist) but also a convertor and viewer.

The quirky nature of the software comes into view immediately after downloading and perhaps even before it when the download page can confuse the user by offering a self signed and zipped version that includes an “Installer for Standard Install and Portable”. The downloads ofcourse include setup.exe and the user choose to use the portable mode after clicking the setup.

The program then proceeds to warn the user that portable mode may miss some unnamed features, those features are not necessarily … Read more

Pictor Is An Image Editor With Unique Features

Pictor (v 1.27.0) is an interesting image editor that while basic looking has some not often seen features.

Of these more unique features are 36 predefined collage shapes that arrange 2 to 25 images in different configurations. Plus a whole set of shapes (geometric, stars, arrows etc.) that can be added to images. Perhaps more unusual is the crop and erase features where an image can be cropped using a shape instead of a rectangular crop. Free hand cropping is also a less common option. In the screenshot below Crop —Crop by shape is chosen and drawn on the … Read more

Flow Launcher Is A Super Charged Launcher

Flow Launcher is a featured packed launcher for Windows 7 and newer computers. It is fully portable and support an extensive list of commands that can be augmented with plugins.

The first and most obvious feature is finding and launching files using Alt+Space keys to bring the search box to the foreground. Start typing and matching results appear. Enter to choose one of the highlighted results. Priority can be given to specific actions besides launching system files. For example to search the web with the phrase being typed. The program also supports variable paths using the % at the beginning … Read more

ForceDelete For Stubborn Files

ForceDelete is a XP and newer compatible software which helps users when they encounter an undeletable file.

Anecdotally this has become a rarer occurrence in the Windows 10 era but there are times when Windows displays a “The action can’t be completed because the file is open…”, “Cannot delete File: Access is denied” or similar error when attempting to delete a file. In those instances it is not clear which application is using the undeletable file. Perhaps a system file or application that has been uninstalled poorly.

ForceDelete comes to the rescue. It is available in a portable format besides … Read more

Tip: Save RAM, Lower CPU Usage By Playing Youtube Videos In PotPlayer

Youtube and videos in general are notorious resource hogs. For years the main culprit was Flash but the promise of a more efficient HTML5 is largely forgotten now as most browsers handle videos poorly. A computer with more than enough power can still fall prey to a browser grabbing more and more of its memory and processor when watching videos.

One way to save more than just resources, even help a solid state drive lifespan, is to install the PotPlayer video player and a corresponding browser addon/extension to open and play videos outside of a Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera and … Read more