Password Recovery Bundle Review And Giveaway

September 3 update: License keys were just emailed to the winners, congrats and thanks for participating.

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Password Recovery Bundle (Version:2.2 tested) is a toolkit that can prove useful if program or system passwords are lost or forgotten. It is simple to use and has a simple interface to help any user quickly recover passwords. There are three different editions of the program and the standard one can recover all types of passwords but is missing features such as resetting passwords for Windows’ server editions or databases (MS SQL).

Password Recovery Bundle

The Start Recovery button will retrieve passwords for instant messaging programs such MSN, Google Talk, AIM, Miranda, Trillian, Paltalk, Digsby, Pidgin and others. Passwords for email programs are also retrieved including the likes of Outlook, Windows Live Mail, Incredimail, and The Bat! System product keys are also supported and this includes the ‘Product Key Advanced’ option that works on a non booting drive connected to a working system. The user navigates to the non working drive’s Windows directory where Password Recovery Bundle will look for and retrieve the key.

Additionally there is support for recovering passwords from several FTP programs including FileZilla, CuteFTP, SmartFTP and many more.

The Recover From File button prompts the user to navigate to target files as it attempts to recover passwords. The formats supported are PST, Reach-a-Mail, PDF, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access, ZIP and RAR files.

Password Recovery Bundle

The Windows Password button creates a ‘Windows password reset bootdisk’ – this feature was not tested. This requires setting the BIOS to boot from DVD or removable media, then burning the iso bootdisk and rebooting the system with it. After rebooting the PC Password Recovery Bundle will get to work and reset the password to blank for any one of Windows accounts on that machine.

Giveaway: Create Movies With Wondershare Fantashow

The giveaway has now ended, thanks everyone. Winners will be emailed soon.

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Wondershare Fantashow is a movie or slideshow maker, with it you use your own videos, pictures and sounds to create a movie. It takes three steps to have a movie or slideshow done, viewed or shared online.

Wondershare Fantashow

First up is the Theme tab, here a movie or video background is chosen, either from the included sample or one downloaded from within the program. Preview each theme by clicking play. Once one is chosen the Apply button brings up the theme to the next step ready to be used.

The Create tab comes next. Add media, either image(s), video(s) or a combination of both. Reorder them by dragging them in the timeline section. Add Subtitles too. The use of subtitles is somewhat confusing in this case, the common meaning for subtitles is different than how they are used in Wondershare Fantashow. Subtitles refer to simple text here, for example adding a title between two segments of a movie. Click on the top right of any segment within the time line to add a text directly over a video or photo. When a photo is chosen in the timeline it can be edited – button to the right of the Add Subtitles one – to add effects to it. The available effects are Invert, Equalize, BWFilter, Glow, Soble, Canvas, VignetteWhite, SquareBlur, VideoWall, TVWall, Emboss, Cartoon, Cool, Warm, Hot, Brown, Purple, MirrorLR, MirrorTB, Distort, Enlarge, Narrow, Whirl, Snow and more. It is also possible to customize the background music and one can use either the default or any locally saved audio file.

The next and final step is the Export tab. The options are to save locally in avi, mp4, wmv or mov formats in HD or standard resolutions or save to Youtube where the program prompts for login details, category, title, description, tags and if the video is private or personal or burn to DVD where the TV standard (NTSC or PAL), disk type (D5 or D9) and video quality are chosen. It is also possible to burn an image file. Finally Wondershare Fantashow supports saving to mobile devices including iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad and HTC and Galaxy phones as well.

Supported input formats are for images bmp, jpg, png, gif, tif, ico, dib, jpeg, jpe, jfif and tiff, for videos mp4, flv, avi, vob, 3gp, asf, mov, f4v, mpg, dpg, ts, trp, m2ts, mts, dat, wmv, mkv, dvr-ms, dv, tod and evo and for audio mp3, aac, ac3, m4a, mp2, wav, ra, ram, ape, au, aiff, aif, ogg and flac. Wondershare Fantashow requires Windows XP and newer and there is a Mac version available as well.

Aimersoft DVD Creator Review And Giveaway

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Aimersoft is an easy to use tool that makes the DVD burning process a simple one. The user can burn DVDs from downloaded or home movies or simply from photos – to create slideshows – or even a combination of photos and videos.

Aimersoft DVD Creator

The first step, the Source tab, is to import the media. Here as many videos or images that are needed can be imported. Aimersoft DVD Creator supports the AVI, MOV, MP4, M4V, FLV, VOB, WMV, MPEG, DV, 3GP, 3GP2, DAT, ASF, MOD, TOD and H.264/AVC formats. Use the Add Title button to burn separate movies onto a single DVD. Once the media is visible, hover over its title (in the menu structure section of the interface) and use the pencil button to trim it, enable subtitles for it, add watermarks to it, change its brightness, reduce its volume and more. All the while a preview of changes will be visible.

The Menu tab features templates to use for creating the DVD menu, besides the few available by default other templates can be downloaded from the Aimersoft site using the Templates button on the upper right hand corner. This tab also includes options such as choosing either the 16:9 or 4:3 aspect ratios, moving and editing text and other objects, adding text, adding background music, touching up photos and customizing the background itself. The background customization button opens a dialogue window that allows the user to choose a frame of any video or any image to display as the menu background.

The Preview tab shows the final output before the actual DVD burning process is started. The available options are NTSC or PAL and disc playback mode. The latter allows the user to choose how the DVD starts by default. The final product does have a good professional look to it, especially since the menu is not static and, similar to many feature film DVDs, shows a few seconds of the movie itself.

Aimersoft DVD Creator works on Windows versions going back to NT4, a Mac version is also available.

Wondershare Software’s Mother’s Day DVD Slideshow Builder Giveaway

Wondershare Software are giving away the DVD Slideshow Builder Standard to commemorate Mother’s Day.

Wondershare Software's Mother's Day DVD Slideshow Builder Giveaway

DVD Slideshow Builder Standard is an easy to use tool to burn not just DVDs but also to burn movies to keep on a hard drive in mp4, avi, wmv, 3gp, mov, mpeg, swf, flv and other formats, to create HD videos, for various Apple and mobile devices or of course to share on youtube.

DVD Slideshow Builder is divided into three sections. These are Organize, Personalize and Create.

The organize section imports photos or movies from a device and also offers to work with blank clip. Depending on the imported element there are various editing options like crop, brightness, filters (inverse, emboss, blur, etc.) and repair red eye. Plus there are options to add caption or text with various effects such as fade, wipe end, cut in, scroll and more.

The personalize section is perhaps the most diverse part of DVD Slideshow Builder as it features a lot for one section.

Styles can be added that fit various occasions such photo wall, rotating photos, action effects and lots more. Clip arts can be added or overlayed on the slideshow or film. Effects such firecrackers, hearts, stars and snow can be added as well. Subtitles (manually added text) and music is available in this section too. Some of these editing options are reserved for the Deluxe version however, this is documented at

The Create section includes the final touches which includes DVD menu creation and editing with a lot of options for menu music, background, frame, the control buttons (play, back, forward, etc.). The output format and destination is also chosen here.

Email is required to grab a code and you must do so before 12:00AM EST on May 14th. DVD Slideshow Builder requires XP and above.

PearlMountain Image Converter Giveaway

PearlMountain Technology have provided a giveaway in time for mother’s day. Comment below to win a copy of PearlMountain Image Converter, worth $29.90!

PearlMountain Image Converter is an all in one solution for working with images. It does more than just batch image conversions.

PearlMountain Image Converter

The workflow is similar to other PearlMountain software. Images are added individually, several from a folder or via URL. The left hand side of the interface lists the program features. The first is the conversion itself, formats supported here are jpg, gif, bmp, pdf, tga, tiff, psd, pcx,  ico and many more listed on It is possible to preserve exif or iptc metadata when processing conversions.

The second set of features is the resize option. Here the usual by size, by percentage, custom and dpi resolution is possible. There are also presets for best fits on devices like iPhone, Sony PSP and others. Additionally there is a resample setting and the option to switch width and height to match image orientations.

Image or text watermark is next with all the flexibility of positioning the watermark. These include alignment, rotation, opacity, offset, shadow, edge, font and more.

The rename option is equally flexible with many options for the renaming. These include having file date, exif and other file info in the output file name.

Corrections has the brightness, contrast, saturation and sharpen/blur sliders.

Border can add borders along the images with varying thickness and in advanced mode the border can be applied to any of top, right, bottom and left sides of the image leaving the other sides borderless.

Crop features more advanced options. Automatic crop cuts the images in preset sizes and manual mode cuts images by percentage.

The final step is to optionally change the output folder and then click the large Start button. A profile can be saved to re-use the same chosen options later. PearlMountain Image Converter works on Windows 2000 and newer and offers to add itself to the context menu as well. One minor oddity is that it required a reboot after install on a XP machine but it also used the browser to open a thank you page at the same time.


Giveaway: Picture Collage Maker Pro Easter Edition

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Picture Collage Maker Pro has been reviewed here on (Here, here and here!), along with giveaways, before and the folks at PearlMountain Technology are back again with another giveaway.

Picture Collage Maker Pro Easter Edition

This time Picture Collage Maker Pro is ready with the Easter Edition which comes with 16 templates to use to create photo collages, scrapbooks or greeting cards for the Easter holiday.

As noted in previous reviews and giveaways Picture Collage Maker Pro makes it pretty easy to create everything from collages to calendars to posters for many occasions, and not just for Easter. It supports the drag and drop of photos into templates with customizable shapes, cliparts, masks, frames and backgrounds to share via email, print or set as wallpaper.

To use the Easter Edition templates simply click the Download More Templates button and download the Easter pack and run the downloaded exe.


PearlMountain Photo Watermark Review And Giveaway

PearlMountain Technology Co. has generously provided a number of Photo Watermark licenses, valued at $19.90 each, comment below to win one!

PearlMountain Photo Watermark is one of the more advanced watermark tools available. It features several ready made text or image watermark templates for protecting photos or images. The user can also create others with one of the many options available.

PearlMountain Photo Watermark

On startup the user can decide to use a template or just click the Load button to go straight to the main program interface. The first step would be to add or drag and drop an image into the image area or alternatively use the Add drop down to add an image, folder of images or to import an image from the web.

The first options are to configure text watermarks. Here any text can be added and fully configured in position (on the image), offset from that position, color, font, justification, edge or border, shadow, opacity and rotation. The text can be anything of course but the program offers lots of options for automatically adding text ranging from special symbols, EXIF meta data, date and source or destination folder path (see image above).

The image watermark tab can be used to add an overlay image instead of text and offers the same flexibility for position, opacity and rotation as the text option. The image watermark can also be tiled to fill the whole photo. The program also comes with a set of 77 images to use for this purpose (see image below).

PearlMountain Photo Watermark

The task area to the left has options to modify the output image(s) to .jpg, .bmp, .tiff, .png, .gif, .pdf, .tiff or .psd. The original image can be resized and renamed. When working with a set or folder of images the output file name can be in the form of increasing increments (image1, image2, etc.) or similar to those offered for the text watermark, as mentioned earlier. Corrections has setting for brightness, contrast, saturation and sharpen/blur. Finally a border can be added to the original image.

The workflow concludes by clicking the Start button and optionally configuring the output folder. PearlMountain Photo Watermark works on Windows 2000 and newer and is good for both 32bit and 64bit systems.

Giveaway: Picture Collage Maker Pro With Christmas Pack

Earlier brought you two chances to win Picture Collage Maker Pro, once by itself and another with a thanksgiving pack. Now PearlMountain Technology Co. are back with another giveaway and extra offer. This time Picture Collage Maker Pro is ready with a Christmas pack.

Picture Collage Maker Pro Christmas Pack
Follow the download links to get Picture Collage Maker Pro or if you have Picture Collage Maker Pro installed click the Download More Templates button (see image). Alternatively go straight to to download the all new Christmas pack.

Run the .exe and (re-)open the program. You will have 26 additional Christmas templates.

Comment below to win a copy of Picture Collage Maker Pro and the Christmas pack. Happy Holidays!

Picture Collage Maker Pro Thanksgiving Pack Giveaway

Comment below for your chance to win Picture Collage Maker Pro with the thanksgiving pack from PearlMountainSoft!

Picture Collage Maker Pro was reviewed (along with a giveaway) here on RGdot earlier in the year. We are now back with another giveaway.

To celebrate US thanksgiving the newest edition of Picture Collage Maker Pro comes with a thanksgiving pack which adds eight additional items to the greeting card templates to use for the holiday. Download and run Picture Collage Maker Pro, enter the program using the “Create From Template” or any other button. On the left hand side choose a template to start with. To add the thanksgiving pack click the ‘Download More Templates’ button (see image below) or go straight to the PearlMountainSoft site to download the special pack, download and run the executable file and it will automatically add the pack to the program.

Picture Collage Maker Pro

Choose the photo tab on the bottom left and then drag and drop your photos into the template, then further customize using mask, backgorund, clipart, frame, shape or even with a calendar (Collage —> Add Calendar). Remove any items by highlighting and deleting them or unchecking them from the layers panel in the bottom right. Click on any object to move it, use the menu or buttons immediately above the collage preview area to align, rotate, add shadow, crop or do more with each individual item on the collage. When satisfied with your creation use the Share button to email, set as wallpaper, save as picture or print the collage. It is also possible to create templates (Collage —> Save As Template) for future use or to put the collage on a t-shirt or other merchandise online (Collage —> Create Custom Collage Product).

Picture Collage Maker is available for $29.90 and Picture Collage Maker Pro, which adds the Shape, Color Frames and support for multiple page collages, for $39.90 .

Comment below to win a Picture Collage Maker Pro plus thanksgiving pack license!

CollageIt Review And Giveaway

Comment below for your chance to win a CollageIt license from Pearl Mountain Software!

CollageIt is another very easy method to create image or photo collages. CollageIt provides templates to create a virtually unlimited number of image or photo collages.


When first opened CollageIt provides 15 general templates. These spread or distribute images in somewhat different and random ways. After choosing one of the templates the main program interface opens where photos from one or several locations can be added. If you need to you can choose a different template from the bottom left corner.

The Page Setup button lets you pick a page size. Desktop wallpaper, A4, scrapbook and envelope are just a few of the available sizes. DPI (dots per inch) and orientation are also options here.

The Background button lets you choose a gradient or background image that will lie behind and around the collage. Image opacity and fill are also options here.

The Random Layout and Shuffle buttons just add a bit of variation to the collage as do options like Rotation and Auto Sparse. It is fun to play with these and see the result with the Realtime Preview option.

The Layout and Photo tabs to the right add even more customization options that include changing the spacing or margin or adding borders or frames to each individual photo. A rather limited black shadow – to the whole collage area – option is also available.

The crop button (under the collage preview) also works to cut individual images. Just click on one image inside the collage preview and then press the Crop button and play with your collage.

CollageIt works on Windows 2000 and newer versions and is also available for the Mac. The licensed version removes the CollageIt watermark and adds the aforementioned crop option.