Wondershare Thanksgiving Promotion

Received a note that Wondershare is having a thanksgiving promotion. Software like Video Converter Ultimate, DVD Slideshow Builder Deluxe or PowerCam all offer ways to capture, record and preserve holiday memories. Now they are all 15% off and as an extra bonus the first referred friend gets a copy 100% off!
Head over to the promotion page to discover all the software by Wondershare, save your order ID and not only enjoy the promotion but give one as a gift.
The promotion runs from 24th of November to 10th of December.

ScreenCamera Giveaway II: Broadcast Yourself

Grab a copy of PCWinSoft’s ScreenCamera, normally $49.95. Click the link below, fill in your email and details to get the activation key.


In 2012 ScreenCamera was first reviewed here at RGdot.  ScreenCamera’s best feature was and still is the ability to stream both desktop activity and webcam to others. It is compatible with Skype and other similar programs. The program has now improved with better Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1 compatibility. It also still works with Windows 2000, XP and Vista.

Giveaway link: http://www.pcwinsoft.com/promotion/rgdot/registration.asp

Bitdefender Total Security 2014 Giveaway [Ended]


Comment below for a chance to win one of 3 Bitdefender Total Security licenses courtesy of Bitdefender Antivirus!

Bitdefender is one of the better rated and tested antivirus and internet security options. Sites like av-comparatives.org which do extensive testing rate it high in detection but also high performance wise in what is termed as Impact Score on a system.

Total Security 2014 as its name indicates includes many features that go beyond a simple antivirus, some may or may not be useful or needed for every user but each does a bit more to protect the computer and the user.

For example, the wallet allows for safe storage of site details and other data used to automatically login into sites. It can be configured to do banking and other payment sensitive browsing in a separate protected browser. There is also a well rated inbound and outbound firewall and a tool to protect and scan external USB devices.

Its other features include Yahoo Messenger chat encryption and a vault for encrypting files,  a safe file eraser or shredder and an anti-phishing feature. Emails are scanned so malicious items don’t make it to a computer. Additionally an online service (MyBitdefender) provides limited free storage and remote control and recovery features for devices, including mobile, running it and attached to the user account.

All in all a very complete security and piece of mind tool Bitdefender Total Security 2014 runs on XP and newer. Bitdefender also offer other mobile, home and business software that provide theft and more extensive cloud based protection.

Giveaway: 1AVCapture Capture Audio Video

PCWinSoft brings you a unique time limited exciting offer to give away free licenses of 1AVCapture, the video and audio recorder and broadcaster software.

The price of 1AVCaptue is $59.95 the software allows you to capture images, record video with audio, record audio alone and it can record and broadcast any possible combination of audio video sources your PC has.


1AVCapture can record and broadcast from any audio video source combination including audio alone. 1AVCapture records audio to wav, wma and mp3, and it records video to avi and wmv.

If you can hear and/or see and hear something on your computer then you can record a high quality copy of it with 1AVCapture.

1AVCapture supports all Windows Media Encoder profiles including the newest Microsoft Express Encoder. So you can have full control over encoding properties and you an make tests quickly to the audio video compression choice.

Whatever 1AVCapture can capture it an also broadcast it so you an use it to broadcast your screen or your webcam and even include the embed code inside your web page on your web site.

1AVCapture is the ultimate audio video capture & broadcast solution. It will run on 2000/XP/2003/Media Center/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8 and requires at least a 1.3gHz processor and 256MB of memory.

To receive your free copy of 1AVCapture simply register here: http://www.pcwinsoft.com/promotion/RGDot1AVCapture/registration.asp

Giveaway : SuperLauncher Program Launcher And Reminder

Grab a copy of PCWinSoft’s SuperLauncher, normally $29.95. Click the link below, fill in your email and details to get the activation key.

SuperLauncher (Version: is a program launcher and also a task scheduler and reminder. It can help make computer usage somewhat more efficient.


After installation it can be accessed via its tray icon, or if enabled, its floating icon on the desktop. By default it includes some common shortcuts. These shortcuts include calculator, command prompt, recycle bin, notepad, restart computer, shut down computer and shortcuts to yahoo, msn, google and others. Most of these already have a hot key assigned to them, shown in the program’s Shortcut Manager. These hot keys are editable using the Edit button.

New shortcuts are added by clicking the New button then typing a name, choosing one of application, file, folder, website, batch file, reminder message  or insert text and then setting parameters as applicable. When adding a file, folder, batch file or application shortcut use the Get button to browse to its path. Test any shortcuts with the Execute option (either right click on the entry to access the option or use the menu in the program’s Shortcut Manager ) and then set its hot keys, delete it and schedule it the same way.

The reminder message provides a pop up at the scheduled time if the Popup button is pressed or active when it is shown (see image below) . It can be set to a recurring reminder via the Advanced key in the scheduling window. When an insert text is created use the Ctrl+Win+left mouse buttons to activate a popup menu that lists the text configured with SuperLauncher.


There is brief tutorial available at first launch or anytime via its tray icon. SuperLauncher can export and import its database for backup and restore, is available in six languages and works on Windows 2000 and newer.

Giveaway link:

Giveaway: Tenorshare Data Recovery Standard

The giveaway has now ended, winners will be contacted shortly, thanks for participating.

Comment below to win a copy of the Tenorshare Data Recovery Standard valued at $29.95!

Tenorshare Data Recovery Standard is a straightforward tool to recover deleted files and not only files – documents, photos, video or music in 100s of formats –  from an internal hard drive but also from USB flash drives, media cards and any FAT or NTFS system. It also supports recovering damaged or formatted partitions and files in them.

Tenorshare Data Recovery Standard

Tenorshare Data Recovery Standard has four methods or modes of recovering data. The first three do a specific job and a fourth uses a deep scan algorithm that is often more successful in recovering lost data. The modes are Deleted Recovery, Format Recovery, Partition Recovery and Raw Recovery.

They are described as follows:

Deleted Recovery: Recover any deleted data
Format Recovery: Recover formatted files or partition with original file name and path.
Partition Recovery: Backup, restore and recover partition table
Raw Recovery: Perform data recovery with deep scan.

The first mode is relatively quick and presents its findings – with preview where possible – and the option to choose which ones to recover.

The second will try to recover files from formatted partitions and external drives and cards.

The third, the Partition Recovery, will rebuild damaged partition tables. It will also back up and restore partition tables and scan for data in them.

The fourth and final mode, the Raw Recovery, is for ‘seriously’ damaged files and is mainly meant to be a last resort. This will take longer. For example the raw mode found over 4000 files to recover (see image below) and much like other modes categorized them by format.

Tenorshare Data Recovery Standard

A complete help page with many more screenshots can be found at http://www.any-data-recovery.com/screenshot/datarecoverystandard.html

Data Recovery Standard should run on all Windows versions.

Activation will be handled by the software author and the cnet download version should be used.

Aimersoft Video Studio Express Review And Halloween Giveaway

Video Studio Express is one of the many easy to use software from Aimersoft. I received the news that the developers are having a Halloween giveaway of the program – which normally costs $35 – along with discounts on some of their other programs. A brief review of the Video Studio Express follows.

Aimersoft Video Studio Express

As always working with such tools begins with importing the media, using the Add Media button. Video Studio Express supports most input formats including those from iDevices and others like AVI, MOV, MP4, MPG, MKV, FLV, WMV and audio formats like MP3, OGG, WMA, FLAC and others.

When importing one or more videos drag them to the time line and you will notice they can occupy any place in the time line so a video can start from any moment in time with its (if any) audio linked to it. If there is no audio the background music section, lower most on the time line, can be edited to add your own.

When more videos are added transitions can be added by using the Transitions button. Many are available to make the completed video look more professional. These include blind, merge, column split, drop, roll, wave, wind and others. A preview is shown when any one of the transitions is clicked. Optionally gaps between video can be removed using the Remove All Gaps button which is the right most one above the timeline. There is a split option as well. It is done by dragging the ‘indicator’ anchor to a point on the time line and clicking the Split button.

Click and highlight either the video or audio and click the pencil like edit button. Audio can be lowered and faded in or out. The video can be rotated, resized and its aspect ratio changed. Its brightness, saturation and contrast can edited. Additional available effects are emboss, gray, negative, old film and various deinterlacing methods.

When done click the Export button on the top right and choose device, format or Youtube. Videos can be saved for iPhones, iPads, PS3 and others or in one of many formats like mov, wmv, mp4 and even DVD PAL, SECAM and NTSC. It is also possible to upload videos directly to Youtube by providing login, title, description, tag and category details. Videos can be saved locally as a project as well.

Video Studio Express should work on Windows XP and newer. A Mac version is available too.

Giveaway: Back Up Your Site With BackupSF

Comment below to win a BackupSF license worth $25.00 courtesy of EasySector!

BackupSF is a Windows program for backing up web site files and MySQL databases.


Before backing up a site enter the site login details using the Add Project button. Adding a project means filling in ftp details,  if needed including or excluding web site folders from the back up, and then filling in database details. It is possible to skip one of file or database back up and only do the other. If database back up is chosen BackupSF will need to upload its php script (and .htaccess file, both included in the download) to the BackupSF_scripts folder which it will create on the host server.

After details are entered a back up schedule – daily, weekly or monthly – can be set up. Finally one can change the default local back up folder.


The program’s limitation is that while it does the backing up the restoring is left to the user – via ftp and phpMyAdmin for example.

BackupSF runs on Windows XP and newer. PHP support is required on the host server. It is available in three versions and the standard version available for this giveaway has a 2 site and 2 MySQL limit.


Giveaway: Watermark, Protect Images With BatchMarker

Grab a copy of BatchMarker available for 24 hours only, see details below

BatchMarker is a simple watermark program, it presents all its options and features together. It can work on one image or batch process a folder of photos and images.


The steps required to finish protecting image(s) are indicated when the program opens. From the left hand side then to the right hand side all the while seeing a live preview in the center of the program window. A carousel of any other images chosen or within the same folder is available on the bottom as well.

The first step is to add an image or folder of images, BatchMarker will automatically include images in subfolders. Watermark options include the copyright symbol, the registered symbol and the trademark symbol. The symbol can be accompanied by any text (see image). Position and font are fully configurable as is the option to add a ‘background box’ and to make the watermark size proportional or fit to the image. It is also possible to add a text watermark without the symbol with the same configurable options.

Logo or image watermarks are also supported with an opasity (sic) slider. Finally one can add lines to an image too, only a cross or X is available in this case and it is configurable in color, position, thickness and what BatchMarker calls ‘Empty center’ where the center part of the X can be left out.

The image and text watermarks can be dragged  and positioned using the mouse. BatchMarker can also erase any exif metadata, however this is set to stay by default. It can be turned off using the program’s options.

The final options reside on the right side of the program window. A watermark template can be saved for future use, the destination folder can be changed and one can choose to convert all image(s) to jpg or preserve their original format(s)

BatchMarker runs of Windows 2000 and newer and is normally $27.50

Giveaway details:

No support provided.

Updates are not free but the downloaded version can be used indefinitely.

The software must be registered with the giveaway name and code within one month of this date.

Register BatchMarker with the following details:

The giveaway period is now over. Thanks for visiting.

ScreenCamera Giveaway: Broadcast Video Straight From The Desktop

Grab a copy of PCWinSoft’s ScreenCamera, normally $49.95. Click the link below, fill in your email and details to get the activation key.

ScreenCamera is a program that records the desktop screen and makes it possible to share it live with others. Run the install, accept or deny the extras and the program’s small interface is presented on the screen with all its recording options.

A user can record a section of the desktop, the whole desktop, the area around (and one that follows) the mouse cursor or an ‘exclusive window’. The exclusive window is where the program will continue capturing the chosen a Window even after it is not the active or the topmost one. ScreenCamera can also take snapshot images and it can also work as a normal screen recorder. To record a video to save locally – wmv by default – use the record, pause and stop buttons at the bottom of its interface. The video will be saved in the Videos (My Videos) subfolder of the system’s Documents folder.


ScreenCamera is compatible with and works with programs such as Skype, MSN Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger and others. Arguably the major benefit or feature of the program is that it can be used to show a live feed of desktop activity on any of the aforementioned instant messaging or other webcam broadcasting sites like UStream for example. For example in MSN Messenger’s (see image below) Tools —>Audio and video setup ScreenCamera will be available as a video or webcam option and with it one can broadcast the desktop, desktop and webcam or just the webcam to friends or contacts. The first will of course show your desktop to the person you are chatting with, in this case a webcam is not even required. The second a like picture in picture mode. The last just the webcam itself.


The program settings are divided into 5 sections. The Screen section or tab includes options and settings for video Frames Per Seconds and whether or not to include the mouse pointer in captures. The Webcam tab detects any available and connected webcam and lets the user connect to it. Video Output includes the setting for the dimensions of the output video, the default being 640×480, but many bigger and smaller options are available. Snap and Record is the place to choose the snapshot and ‘local’ video recording options. For the former bmp is the default format and the only other is jpg. The latter has wmv as default and only avi as the other option. There are configurable hotkeys for snapshot, record, pause and stop actions and the option to choose different locations for the output. Finally Startup of Windows lets the user choose to start ScreenCamera with Windows of course but also the option to start ScreenCamera ‘invisible’ or minimized.

ScreenCamera works on Windows 2000 and newer.

Giveaway link: http://www.pcwinsoft.com/promotion/rgdot/registration.asp